massage-therapyMassage therapists make use of long, smooth strokes, kneading and other movements focused on superficial layers of muscle using massage oil or lotion. Massage therapy improves circulation by bringing oxygen and various other nutrients to body cells. It relieves muscle tension and pain, enhances flexibility and mobility, and helps clear lactic acid and various other waste, which minimizes pain and tightness in muscles and joints.

Why Do People Get Massage Therapy?

People get massage treatment for leisure or for a variety of wellness conditions:.

  • Pain in the back
  • Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis
  • Anxiety relief and stress-related conditions
  • Headaches and migraine headaches
  • Muscle and associated conditions such as spasms, strains and strains
  • Repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Circulatory and respiratory problems
  • Post-injury and post surgical rehabilitation
Massage therapy eases stress. It is thought to help the body’s stress feedback by reducing levels of hormones such as cortisol. Massage treatment likewise appears to enhance immune function.
Did you know?

Modern Osteopathy techniques are so safe and gentle that they’re suitable for the whole family, including the elderly and even babies!

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