Anna Peters

Anna Peters

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Anna Peters– International Wellness Engineer & Intuitive Healing Specialising in Energy Healing — Balancing the frequency of the spirit & Nutrigenomics – Nutrition for your DNA Personalised Health care is here now!

When your body is healthy and has access to the nutrients it genetically needs, you typically: Age more slowly–Think more clearly–Experience a higher quality of life– More energy– Suffer less with unhealthy conditions— Feel less stressed– Feel happier—
Less inflammation.

Anna started her career in 1986 with a Diploma in Skin Aesthetics. The study of anatomy the human cell, skin, biology, physics and chemistry.

It was evident very early in her career that if the individual suffered from skin abnormalities 90% of the symptoms proved to be diet related. This lead Anna to the study of nutrition for over 30 years which in turn lead to the study of DNA. Anna an award winning athlete, National Martial Arts Champion and also the first female soccer trainer for 2 senior male soccer teams lead them to win the grand-final. More recently sports nutrition for 2 boxing world champions Jarko Jusilla and Australia’s very own Sylvia Sharper.

Anna understands the importance of sports nutrition and recovery for athletes.

Anna has travelled around the world to increase her knowledge and source the latest technology in Anti-Ageing, sports nutrition and in DNA diagnostics to help everyone achieve their health goals.

Anna’s philosophy is: “To have true health we must have a healthy, mind body & spirit and limit the exposure to all chemicals and electro magnetic radiation. Everyone was born with a purpose and when you find your purpose you find your peace & happiness.” Anna was born with an intuitive gift an ability to read the energy field of another being. Although she had this gift she did not know how to use it until she suffered 4 serious car accidents leading to paralysis. During this time Anna learnt to use her gift to heal herself and now helping others. When the spirit is electrically balanced the being feels happy, healthy and is disease free! Anna has an incredible ability to change the frequency of the spirit telepathically so that the being is living its purpose.
She looks forward to meeting you in the clinic.

Did you know?

Modern Osteopathy techniques are so safe and gentle that they’re suitable for the whole family, including the elderly and even babies!

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